CGI Action FAQs

User FAQ

  1. Will the scripts crash my browser?
    No JavaScript, no Java, so no crash. Only pure, well-formed HTML is generated, HTML originally coded by hand, and humanly inspected for safety. In the case where member-editable template files are used, that member then becomes responsible for the page content.
  2. Why am I getting an error with iCab?
    Our scripts require HTTP_REFERER (sic) information; most browsers send this automatically, but iCab has a setting to withhold it. To eliminate this error, go into your Security Preferences and set Use HTTP "Referer" to Always. (Yes, there is an 'r' missing.)
  3. Why do your scripts require HTTP_REFERER?
    The information is needed to ensure that each member gets their own data and not somebody else's.

Member FAQ

  1. Why isn't your service free?
    We believe revenue sharing is a more advanced economic model than banner ads; this web service is designed to be on the revenue-generating side of the equation. The more profitable this site is, the more free (no banner ads) web sites we can support.
  2. What about security?
    The only JavaScript is what members add to their own pages. No one can access member logs or database w/o a password. We register members' URLs so writing to logs can only occur from the member's own site (users with iCab browser must set its prefs to send HTTP_REFERER).
  3. How do you arrive at your prices?
    Rates are based on both the complexity of the script and on how much bandwidth it is likely to use. Scripts which store messages on the server (BBS, guestbook, classified ads) incur storage fees based on disk space usage.
  4. Do your scripts work together?
    Yes, insofar as some data files are shared within your directory. For example, the email address database is used by both the keymail and wikbbs scripts; this means fewer files for you to manage.

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