CGI Action


Coming soon!
(yes, I know, it's been six years. yay vaporware! but now i've got a dedicated server, so....)

No need to install your own CGIs. Run them from our server, and configure via our Web interface.

Reasons you might want to do this:

Scripts: (prices are tentative)

  1. [written] spambot-thwarting email ($2/mo)
  2. [written] site navigation popup menu ($5/mo)
  3. [planned] page get-info ($1/mo)
  4. [planned] keyword-based search engine and jumpword system ($6/mo)
  5. [planned] virtual software library ($2/mo)
  6. [planned] classified ads ($3/mo, +storage)
  7. [planned] guestbook ($1/mo, +storage)
  8. [planned] bbs ($5/mo, +storage)
All scripts written by Walter Ian Kaye
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